Have you enabled Apple Pay Yet?

It’s no secret that checking out on a phone can be clunky at best, and downright frustrating at worst. As mobile traffic to online stores continues to skyrocket, and as people continue to warm up to the idea of shopping anywhere, we’ll need to find ways to make the checkout experience amazing. Apple Pay is designed to do that.

Enabling Apple Pay for your online store is another way for you to simplify and speed up your checkout, giving your customers a better checkout experience while also boosting your conversion rate.

Quicker Checkout Process

Typing your home address, delivery address and payment details can be frustrating and often difficult on a small mobile keyboard. With Apple Pay, all details are stored in the digital wallet, meaning it is a simple button click to allow customers to purchase without updating their details. This excellent video from Hallway times the checkout process using Apple Pay versus traditional methods. For mobile users, using Apple Pay in comparison to filling out billing & postal addresses and entering payment information is a staggering 2min 8sec faster. For Mac vs other desktop users is 1min 21sec faster.  In both tests, the entire Apple Pay checkout process takes only 30 seconds.


Minimise Abandoned Shopping Carts

There can be many reasons as to why customers abandon a shopping cart.  25% of people will abandon a cart if the website navigation is too complicated, 18% will abandon for excessive payment security checks and 17% will abandon checkout due to security and payment concerns. With card details and postal address stored, this drastically reduces the chances that customers will abandon their cart due to a poor mobile experience, loss of connection and even reduces customer service time handling incorrectly entered addresses or misplaced orders.

Mobile Checkout Made Easy

An estimated 48.07% of the UK public who own smartphones are iPhone users (accurate October 2016). By enabling this feature on your store, you are allowing a large number of your target market access to a smoother and more secure checkout. Even users browsing on Mac will have a seamless payment experience. In the UK, there is a higher than average mobile conversion rate (in comparison globally and with the US) which means your mobile experience matters to your customers, and a bad experience can damage a brand’s credibility, halt returning custom and damage sales in the busy shopping season to come.

Payment Safety & PCI Compliant

One of the bonuses of using the Apple Pay system it the high level of security surrounding payments. Without an online wallet, paying for purchases online can be difficult and depending on your screen size near impossible.  Something like the “Verified by Visa” screen can cancel a purchase due to it being too fiddly and often details are entered incorrectly.

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