5 Tips to Optimize your Google My Business Listings

October  13,  2020

Google My Business is a very crucial source of lead generation for the local businesses and helps them to get more visibility. Google has changed the game when it comes to search. People can now search what they want even without visiting the website.

This gives a huge advantage to the service businesses to enhance their listings and be found by the customers in an easier way.  If you are also a business looking to get found better in the Google Maps or when people search on Google, the best place to get started is to set up your Google My Business Listing. It is a good idea to set up and claim your Google My Business listing soon.

But, your work does not stop after just claiming the Google My Business listing. It actually starts from here. It is very essential to optimize your Google My Business listing. Taking few minutes to optimize your Google My Business listing daily can help you create great results in the long run.

However, if you are also new to the online world and do not know how it works, let us list the ways on how you can optimize the Google My Business listing:


Improve your Google My Business Profile

The first step in Google My Business listing optimization is creating a perfect profile with accurate and upto date information. As your profile will be the first thing people will see in the Google My Business listing, it is crucial to have the correct data uploaded.


  • Name– Make sure that the name on the listing matches with your website. It is the first thing people see on Google search and so correct information instils trust.
  • Address– Address is undoubtedly one of the most important information as it helps the people to find you accurately. Make sure to pin your address correctly.
  • Phone Number- Including your phone number in the Google My Business listing makes you more approachable and removes the barrier between you and your customers.
  • Category– It is always suggested to choose the relevant category which describes your business and helps you to connect with the target customers.
  • Description– As Google My Business allows 750 characters of information to be displayed in the listing, it is a great idea to make the most use of it and talk about your business to attract customers.


Upload High quality images on the listing

Make sure to follow the Google My Business policies when uploading the images on your listing. The importance of having pictures can be realized by the fact that the listings with pictures get 35% more clicks and are considered more reputable than their competitors.


Confirm that you are sharing consistent information on all platforms

Having inconsistent information or incorrect information online can affect your search rankings, so it is great to be consistent with data and display the correct information on all platforms. Make sure that the information you share on the Google My Business listing is same as your website, social media page or anywhere else.


Collect reviews from people

It is always suggested to collect reviews from the people to get your rankings up and to optimise your Google My Business listing. Having many reviews on your Google My Business listing also ensures that the customers prefer you more as you have people talking about your business and builds trust in their minds.


Never violate Google’s policies

Make sure that you never go against the Google’s policies to maintain your rank. Any penalty inducing offences can not only negatively affect your business, but also lead to your permanent suspension of your Google My Business account.

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