5 Ways To Effectively Follow Up Your Leads

May  29,  2020

Your marketing campaigns may bring you high-quality fresh leads, but the ultimate success is dependent on how effectively you follow up the leads. You may have been following the year old traditional approach to follow up leads, but just because you have been doing it for years, does not mean it is the best way. It is always good to get creative in following up leads to generate great results. 


Remember, all customers do not react the same way to a follow-up approach. So, it is always good to experiment and observe your follow up efforts. 


As following up is crucial for any business’s success, here are 5 follow up strategies you can use to connect with your prospects.


Group your leads
Each type of lead will require a different level of messaging. Depending on how the lead came to you, the lead may be ready to close or maybe cold and need a little bit of warming.  It is always good to group your leads into cold, hot and warm. You can also get software which groups the leads on basis of points you assign to the various customer attributes and then know your customers better and ultimately turn them into loyal long term paying clients.


Schedule follow-ups
Creating a proper way and schedule to follow-up is not only convenient but also efficient and rewarding. Keep in mind, it takes around 6-8 touches before getting a conversion. The follow-ups calendar should keep you on top of the tasks, but should never become a nuisance for the leads. Of course, the leads will proceed to buy when they want and you cannot do anything about it. But, it is essential to nurture the relationship and stay on top of your game. 


Treat prospects with respect and pay attention
Following up with prospects is not tricky, it just takes some efforts. If the lead is warm, it will just need some initiative from you in the right way to get them to pay. It is good to have questions ready for follow-ups, but listening is also essential. Listen to what your prospect needs and how you can make their lives easier. Treating prospects with respect helps you earn their trust and loyalty. 


Respond timely
Time is the essence of turning your leads into your customers. Respond to the leads while they are warm and interested in your business. If you connect with a qualified lead immediately it decreases their chances of going to a competitor’s website.


Make the lead follow-up process more efficient with the right CRM
If you are using a CRM for lead follow-ups, you are way ahead of the game. A good CRM can prove to be crucial in the success of your follow-up strategies. You can leverage the data to your advantage using a good CRM and keep a record of the customer outreach efforts and its results. No need to worry if you cannot afford a CRM, you can use Excel too. Just create a simple spreadsheet with details and nurture the leads to turn them into customers. 


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