Generate Best Solar Leads Before The End of 2020

May  30,  2020

If you are a solar company owner, you must be aware how challenging it is to get quality leads for business. The solar industry is undoubtedly booming, and there are around 8-9 million households in America who are looking to go solar by the end of 2020, but even with this exponential growth, getting leads is not an easy thing.

As getting good leads are such a tough job, we will list down 4 tips to best solar leads by the end of 2020.

Paid Search

The best way to target potential solar customers in your area is to use paid search. Paid search helps you to get in front of the prospects that use search engines to search for solar installation companies. Paid search is a great way to get on the top of the list and get in front of people.


Offer free solar quotes on internet

As per the research, the consumers like to get a general quote before being contacted via call or in person. It is a great idea to set up a quote feature on the website so that you can generate leads via your website.


Get into partnership with the roofing contractors

As most of the homeowners, postpone the decision of installing the solar panels until they replace the roofs, it is a great idea to enter into partnership with the roofing contractors.


Get help from a lead generation company

No matter how great you are at marketing, you may need help at times and so it is great to get in touch with a lead generation company. Working with a professional can help you reap high profits and get great quality leads.


At Output 360 we only offer exclusive leads as we want to separate away from other lead gen companies. So if you are looking to generate 100% exclusive leads then let’s talk.

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